• What is Pay as you go (PAYG)?

    Some Sky WiFi venues require you to purchase access to the WiFi. You will be presented with a choice of durations, depending on the venue location, which will give you access for the stated elapsed period of time. Some venues will give you a few minutes free access before asking you to pay.

    You can pay by providing your credit or debit card details via the secure WorldPay service.

  • What is Free Autoconnect?

    Many Sky WiFi venues provide free access. When you register your account you can add up to 6 devices.

    To make re-connection as simple as possible a device will be automatically authorised and given access to the internet each time it connects to _The Cloud SSID.

  • What are Activation Codes?

    In some Pay Go venues you may be eligible for an Activation Code which will give you access to the internet without having to use the WorldPay card payment process.

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