• How is my account information used by Sky WiFi?

    Sky WiFi will share your account information such as your name, age, gender, postal address, mobile phone number, email address, your device(s) MAC address (which is a unique identifier linked to your device) and usage information with a hotspot venue partner, when you have accepted the partner’s Terms & Conditions at one of their venues. The partner will only be able to market to you if you have consented to marketing when you first visited their venue, or you have opted into a partner’s marketing via the Preference Centre (see how to access below).

    You can see how the venue partner uses your account information by reading their Privacy Notice, which you can see for partners whose venues you have visited by logging into Your Account Settings and selecting Preference Centre. You can also change your marketing options in the Preference Centre.

    Sky WiFi may also share your profile information (such as age, gender, postal code, venue location) with advertising services in order to personalise the adverts that you see, if you have consented to this during registration or via the Preference Centre.

    You can see more information about how Sky WiFI uses your account information in our WiFi Privacy Notice.

  • How to get online

    1. Check your WiFi is on
    2. Select The Cloud from the available network list
    3. Open browser and follow on screen instructions to register or log on
    4. Once you’ve registered, you will seamlessly connect without needing to re-enter your username and password.
  • I’ve forgotten my password or security question

    Don’t worry, simply email us from your account to wifiuser@sky.uk and let us know you need your password reset (or account deactivated) and we’ll sort this for you.

  • I want to change my email or memorable word

    Just log into your account and access your account details. You can do this by going to "Settings/Manage Account" and then “Update Details”, "Update Password" or "Update Memorable Question".

  • What are Sky WiFi Hotspots?

    Thousands of venues where you can get wireless Internet on your wireless enabled device when you're out and about. They're in popular places like cafés, bars and selected train stations and we're adding more and more venues all the time

  • Where can I find Sky WiFi Hotspots?

    Download the Sky WiFi app on your device: please click here for IOS and ANDROID. Check the hotspot list or map to find hotspots nearby, or use the search to find hotspots somewhere else. You don’t even need a network connection to find hotspots — the app comes with a directory of all Sky WiFi hotspots in the UK.

  • How do I add or remove devices?

    You can register up to 6 devices to your account. To manage this all you need to do is go to http://service.thecloud.net and login with your registered email address and password. Next click settings/Manage Your Devices. You can then add or remove any devices.

  • Will a factory reset of a device that is linked to my Sky WiFi account remove it from my account?

    With Sky WiFi you can register up to 6 devices on your account. Performing a factory reset of your device will not reset the MAC address (see FAQ "What is a MAC address?" for more information) on your device, so to ensure that subsequent users of a device which you no longer own cannot access the Sky WiFi service via that device and generate data records which will be linked to your account, you should remove the device from the list of devices that are linked to your account.

    Information on how to do this is provided in the FAQ titled "How do I add or remove devices?".

  • What is a "MAC address"?

    A "MAC address" is a unique identifier which is permanently set on a network enabled device during manufacture to enable the relevant device to communicate and connect to networks, including Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

    Upon registration to Sky WiFi, the MAC address of the device used to access the Network is stored in your account so that when you return to a Sky WiFi Hotspot, the service automatically recognises and authenticates the device and allows you to connect to the Sky WiFi Service.

  • The Sky WiFi home page is displaying someone else's name

    This tends to happen when the device has been registered by a previous owner/user. See the Support FAQ "Why did my new device connect automatically without me needing to register?" In My Sky WiFi devices, which explains how to reset the device.

  • I can't see the Sky WiFi page when connecting to the network

    If this happens, you may need to manually type in the web url: http://service.thecloud.net. Here you will be able to Register/Login and browse the internet.

  • I’ve received an error message

    If you see a "Lost in the Clouds" error message/Error 500 or the login/registration page refreshes itself after entering login, please ensure that your device is accepting cookies. (‘Accept Cookies’ setting should be set to ‘Always’.)

    You may need to clear your browsing history (cache, cookies, form data) and try logging in again.

  • I’m connected to Sky WiFi but there’s no internet available

    This happens when a manual DNS address has been set up. Simply clear your DNS settings or set it to obtain DNS address automatically. For help with this, email wifiuser@sky.uk and let us know you need help changing your DNS.

  • Why is my connection slow?

    Like all public WiFi hotspots, the connection speed can vary depending upon a number of factors such as where you are and how busy the hotspot is. Please try again later.

  • How do I get an activation code?

    Some venues require you to obtain an activation code to get online. To get yours, ask a member of staff at the venue you’re in. You can enter this code on the login screen when asked.

  • Is the Sky WiFi app available on Windows or Blackberry?

    The Sky WiFi app is only available on Android and Apple devices. There are no current plans to release a version for Windows or Blackberry.

  • Security Tips

    Personal security online is very important and as such Sky WiFi has dedicated a whole section to security, give it a read here

  • How do I unsubscribe from marketing?

    To use Sky WiFi you give us permission to use your information as set out in our privacy notice. If you withdraw this consent, we will remove access to the service.

    This means deactivating your account. Please let us know at wifiuser@sky.uk if you wish your account to be deactivated.

    However, it is possible to unsubscribe from our "Offers" newsletter by clicking the link at the bottom of that email.

  • Is Sky WiFi free?

    The vast majority of Sky WiFi venues are free. However some require you to obtain a free code, or purchase a voucher to get online. If payment is required, you’ll be asked to select a time limit and purchase using your credit card. Please note the cost of the service is set by the venue you’re in.

  • What are the new benefits of Sky WiFi?

    Along with general upgrade and bug fixes, we improved the hotspot finder so that it now flags Sky WiFi Hotspots where you can watch live Sky Sports with red pins. Also, you can now register up to 6 devices per person instead of 6 per household.

  • I previously connected using my Sky ID, what do I do now?

    Don’t worry, the service is still available for you. We just need you to provide a few details. Go to a Sky WiFi venue and follow our simple sign up process:

    1. Check your WiFi is on
    2. Select “_The Cloud” from the available network list
    3. Open browser and follow on screen instructions to register or log on
    4. Once you’ve registered you will seamlessly connect to Sky WiFi without needing to re-enter your username and password

    When doing this for the first time, using a registered device, you will be prompted to migrate (to your new account) your remaining registered devices, from those that were registered to the Sky ID. This simple process for migrating your existing devices will only be available until 28th February 2017, so we recommend you migrate as soon as you can.

    After the 28th February any existing devices registered to the Sky ID will be considered new. When using any new device you will be prompted to login the first time it connects to The Cloud in a Sky WiFi venue (up to 6 devices). You can add, remove or rename devices at any point in the future.

  • Do I have to register all my devices again?

    No, when you log in for the first time you will be prompted to migrate your existing registered devices, if you do it in a Sky WiFi venue.

  • I can no longer manage my devices when using the Sky WiFi app, what do I do?

    Due to recent changes, the previous version of the Sky WiFi hotspot finder has moved. We’ve made it even better: along with general upgrade and bug fixes, we improved the hotspot finder so that it now flags Sky WiFi hotspots where you can watch live Sky Sports with red pins. To download the new Sky WiFi Finder app, please click here for IOS and ANDROID. For help with managing your device, see “How do I add or remove devices” FAQ.

  • Can I still use the old Sky WiFi app?

    We recommend that you start using the new app straight away as it offers new improved benefits – see “What are the new benefits of Sky WiFi?” FAQ for details.

  • Do I need to download the app to connect?

    You don’t need to download the app to connect – see “How to get online” FAQ.

  • How do I get my device to Autoconnect?

    Once you have registered your device, it will be recognised each time you connect in the future. You will still have to open your browser, but you won’t need to login or register — just click Continue.

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